• Microsoft Word Enlightenment for Legal Professionals | Oct. 28

    Barron Henley, Affinity Consulting, will teach you how to control Word, instead of Word controlling you!

    When legal instruments require complex formatting, most Word users struggle to get the document to look the way they want. Users often describe it as a “wrestling match” or having to “outsmart the program.” Some advanced features like automatic paragraph numbering, table of contents, and tables of authority seem inaccessible or broke. The good news is that once you understand how Word works, it is completely controllable. Barron can get you to that place. Learn the techniques you need to help you quickly create content and avoid costly time spent beating the text into submission.

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  • Book it to the Practice Resource Library!

    Missouri lawyers can once again check out publications from the Practice Resource Library. This resource includes more than 150 books on topics ranging from disaster planning to cybersecurity to unbundling services, with additional publications being added regularly.

    Dozens of publications have recently been added, including:

    • Beyond the Work Product: A Guide to Relationship-Driven Transactional Lawyering
    • Law Office Policies, Procedures, and Operations Manual, Seventh Edition
    • Own the Map: Marketing Your Law Firm's Address Online
    • The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Acrobat DC, Second Edition
    • LinkedIn(R) Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition

    If you’re looking to open, build, manage, protect, or wind down a practice, you can access the Practice Resource Library at